Resources for Businesses

IRS Publications

The IRS has a wealth of knowledge on their website. You can go directly to the website and search for specific information or here are some links to useful publications for individuals:

Idaho Tax Update

The Idaho State Tax Commission has a quarterly newsletter with tax updates for both individuals and business. Please use the link above to see the most recent newsletter.

For more specific areas of the Idaho State Tax Commission website:

The state of Idaho also provides a good resource for information on doing business in Idaho. This website contains a wealth of knowledge for someone looking to start a business, but also includes information helpful for running a business in the state of Idaho.

Our Neighboring States

Do you have income or questions about taxes in our surrounding states? While Washington, Wyoming, and Nevada have no state tax, here are some links to the other states that may be useful:

Current and Pending Legislation

You can find information related to current and pending federal legislation at the Library of Congress